Dating While Seeking GOD- A Road Less Traveled

Why is it when it comes to dating that we go fromone relationship right into another, searching forsomething from someone that only God is capable ofgiving us? Why do we think that leaping intoanother courtship will change our thinking andcurrent situation in our lives?

We seem to have this delusion that we will live a happily everafter if we just find someone that will tellus what we want to hear and treat us the way wewant to be treated. Then when God does bring ussomeone that tells the truth we find ourselvesuncomfortable and go to someone who makes us feelbetter even though their not being honest with us.

While we should be with someone that treats usnice and with respect, we should not compromiseour spiritual values with them. If we do, we willcontinue to go down a very lonely road filled withdisappointments and frustrations, time and timeagain only to point our finger at others,ourselves and God.

The truth of the matter is until we acknowledgethat it's our own relationship with Christ or lackof and not others that is contributing to thesedead end relationships we will never experiencethe true love that only Jesus Christ wants us tohave and can provide for us. However, this is theroad most choose not to travel. Why? Because it'sgot to many hills in it. We hit big pot holes andit may take a few unexpected curves along theway.

It's easier to blame others and to have theattitude that the world owes us someone. But inthe long run if we take God's road it will get uswhere we need to go, in much faster time and amore forfilling journey. First, Gods road leadsus to having a loving relationship with JesusChrist, and second we experience a cup filledrelationship with the love of our life. The biblesays, "Seek ye first the kingdom and all otherthings will be added unto you" When Jesus saysthat, he means all things. We just may have totravel down a road less traveled in order to getthem.

It sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Though thisroad is challenging to say the least. Why? becausewe struggle with our fleshly desires to fill ourinternal needs instead of our spiritual needsfilled by God. And our flesh will always be athorne to us. So going from one relationshipright into another won't solve the difficulties weseem to have in every relationship we experience.If we really want a true test about our lives lookat the majority of our friends we hang with. Howare their relationships with others? If they arehaving the same difficulties we are experiencing,maybe that should tell you something about yourown life and where you are getting yourvalidations from. If we want to make a true changein ourselves the majority of our friends andresources must be those that are living Godlylives, having relationships with others like wedesire to have, and telling us the truth in love,when maybe we don't want to hear it. Looking inthe mirror at ourselves is not easy, but it'snecessary.

It really boils down to our mindset toward lifeand having a lot of faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, wemay temporarily feel better about ourselves whensomeone new in our life satisfies our egos, andpride, but the emptiness will still be there. Godand life has a funny, yet sometimes painful way ofmaking us look in a mirror at our patterns ofrelationships. If your tired, frustrated and evenlonely about going from one dead end relationshipto look at our own relationship with Jesus Christ.Because, if you really think about, he's our bestbet anyway. And he'll be the one at the end of theroad less traveled filling our cups, not anotherperson.

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