Basic SMS Tips for Picking Up the Women of Your Dreams

I don't know if the craze of SMS has caught on around the world but many, many people use it here in New Zealand and everyone SMS's each other. I thought it was only right to share a few tips when replying to girls. These will seem stupid to some people who are experienced with this type of stuff, and to others they might find them helpful.

I meet a lot of girls at parties and they always give me their numbers and I won't ring them, I will message her just because its so simple. I usually message her a few times before calling her to ask her to join me somewhere. I can work on 10+ girls at once easily with SMS and these tips are just general rules while messaging her.

1. Never reply in under 5 minutes

This is one that a lot of males screw up on. By replying in under 5 minutes you show that you have nothing better to do than SMS her. If you leave it for 5 minutes plus it shows that you are busy and you don't have time to reply to her at that stage. Girls want someone who is fun to be around but males that are to busy for them drive her crazy as she is used to getting all the attention. By not replying so suddenly it shows that your attention is not at her, thus running questions through her mind.

2. Never end your SMS with 'Love Casanova'

Well of course, don't use your online nick name but thats not the point. You should never write anything to do with love at the end of your message. Think about it, girls meet guys all the time that they know they can control... by showing that you have already fallen for her... your screwed, she has control over you. Especially if its in the first few messages exchanged with her... or even if you have been messaging her for 3 weeks. Girls will take this two ways:

(a) Your a pushover, she has control over you and your a sucker

(b) You want to be her friend and you love her in a friendly way Duh, thats so fucking dumb..

3. Never reply to a message TWICE

A huge mistake guys make. So you have waited 30 minutes with no reply message from her, what now? And you text her again? Stop right there. Your ultimately showing that your just another AFC. Lift your game bro. Reply to her mesage, if she doesn't reply then dont SMS her again. Shes either:

(a) Playing games with you or,
(b) Not interested.

Most times it will be (a) so just leave it. Next please.

4. All of a sudden stop SMS'ing her

This should only be used once but I noticed girls did this a while back to me. I was an AFC (as you all know, like most) and girls would all of a sudden stop messaging me. So many thoughts ran through my mind ...does she not like me? Oh no shes busy, isn't she? She must be messaging some other guy?

So imagine what goes through her mind if you are sitting there talking about something while exchanging messages and then you stop messaging her. You are in control. Everytime you reply to another text message you are putting her in control, she can either reply or not reply. Thats why if you stop messaging her you are in control. I did this to a girl the other day and the first thing she said to me at a party was 'HOW COME YOU DIDNT REPLY TO MY MESSAGE?' ...remember everything is about putting you in control of a situation because ultimately girls like a male than can lead, an alpha male.

5. Don't message her everyday

When I am working on a girl I have met at a party and barely know her I will never message her every day. This shows you need to talk to her. You don't want this. Ultimately you want her to be the one who messages/SMS you but I would only ever SMS a girl once every 4-5 days (this is different to calling her).

Unless she is interested straight away in you you can't afford to put the control in her hands. By messaging her everyday you are showing that she is on your mind everyday ...and we know we don't want her thinking that.

For more tips like the following please visit Alphamaletalk.com

Alex Blaze is a Moderator/Admin over at Alphamaletalk.com. He has helped master the art of picking up women day after day and is now sharing his tips. You may reach him over at http://www.Alphamaletalk.com

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