Dating Tips for Matchmaking and Friend Finder Sites

Three years ago, I met my boyfriend Andy through the well known online dating agency 'Friend Finder'. Since meeting, we have moved in together and are head-over-heals in love. We decided that we wanted to help others that were in the same situation as we were - single and looking for love, so we set about creating a website aimed at reviewing matchmaking and friend finder sites from across the world. We believed that in doing this, we would give people a base to start on when looking for love.

Over time, we have added to that site, as well has creating numerous articles of which this is but one. This article gives you tips on how to create a good profile, and how not to fall into the dozens of pitfalls that there are in the online-matchmaking world.

Setting up your Online Dating Account or Profile

When setting up your online profile, it is highly recommended that you first subscribe or sign up for a free email account which you do not use for business or personal incoming mail. This is simply because if you no longer wish to be in contact to someone, they will not have access to your primary email. Some online dating sights offer the option of signing up for a free email account after you have filled in your profile. This is a good idea, as it provides you with an email that can be specifically used for dating purposes. When you select your screen name, use something that isn't too intimidating. User names incorporating your own name or something that you enjoy is always effective. Make sure you reflect your personality in a conservative manner. Some examples are -







How Are You Feeling Today?

The completion of an online dating profile should be done in the right frame of mind. If you are feeling blue or perhaps lonely, or even not so positive the day you fill out your profile, it will come across that way. Choose a day when you feel happy and positive about your life, then sit down beforehand, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down your interests, hobbies and your best points and traits. If you make a draft copy beforehand, you will find there are just so many wonderful things about 'you' that you want to share with others, you won't have space in your profile when you come to filling it in!

Be Honest with Yourself?and Others

Make sure you are honest when writing your profile. Good relationships are based on trust and honesty. If you are serious about online dating and are hoping it will lead to a meeting, you need to describe yourself and your personality accurately. There may be some parts of your identity that you wish to remain inconspicuous, but when it comes to appearance, you should describe yourself truthfully. After all, you never know when the person of your dreams will want to meet up with you! If describing your appearance is not your thing and you feel uncomfortable, just add and photo of yourself.


When attaching a photo to your profile, there are a few key things to consider. The photo you select should portray you accurately. This means not posting the one of you two years ago when you were out at a friends 21st and looked fantastic but had just '10 too many' drink. Is that a true representation of you?

For the best results, have another person take the picture for you. This will allow them to get the best possible effects from light, angle and positioning. If you enjoy the outdoors, have a friend take a picture of you in your beautiful garden with a fresh flower pinned behind your ear. If you prefer the beach, have them take it of you under a shady palm with a huge smile!

It important to appear naturel in your pictures. Dress modestly, or how you would when you were going out on a casual date. The aim is to appear naturel, yet groomed, so smile, sit up straight and be positive! This will shine out to the other person - Gorgeous!

Getting to Know Someone

When you are first starting out with online dating, it can be daunting. The most important thing to remember to is remain truthful to yourself. If you get a negative feeling about a particular person, go with it. If you feel an attachment of friendship forming, see where it leads you. You must remember there is no rush or pressures to meet, fall for or even become good friends with a person, so go at your own pace. Generally, people like an honest, friendly and warm person who is fun to be with. Each individual has their own definition of these traits; it is just a matter of finding someone who is compatible with you.

A good way to let someone you have been seeing online know how you feel about them is to send them an e-card or poem, according to their personal taste. I can be short and sweet, lusty or romantic; whatever you feel is appropriate and will be warmly welcome. Don't try and overwhelm another person. People do not appreciate this and will find themselves wanting to distance from you. If you are strongly connected to an online partner, feel free to send them flowers or a small gift.

I hope this helps you find the person of your dreams.

For free reviews of matchmaking sites, please visit http://www.heartsaffection.com

Lots of love,

Katie Lewis

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